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Virtual Team Meeting


is on Hiatus till the new year. 

We will let you know when we reopen.

See you then! 

Never Leave A Networking Event Discouraged or Empty Handed AGAIN!


At "WhoDunIt?" Events, we will do our best to ensure you...

  • Never need a 30-second pitch to describe your service or product. 

  • Feel welcomed and spotlighted as an expert in your craft or field.

  • Leave with real connections for potential business growth.​


With the right approach to Business Networking... Success need not be a MYSTERY


Don't just tell your potential clients what you think they need to know about you and your business, let them ask you what they want to know!

leave clues

Allow other participants to find clues to your success. Show us your unique business finger print. We want to know why we should buy your service or product...


Allow other participants to shine a flashlight on how you are "Killing It" in your business. We want to know how you shine! 

Upcoming Events...

Upcoming Events
No events at the moment

Event Reviews

This is such a powerful way to network and a great use of my time. It was so much fun, Engaging, and profitable.  Dawnmarie does an excellent job of facilitating an event that promotes business between attendees. Jump in!

Nicole Moser


It's by far the most productive networking event I’ve been to.  I enjoyed the process and felt like people really understood my product and service… The intimate setting led to great connections, more networking opportunities, and best of all… sales. 

Fran Haynes

Fran Haynes.jpg

This is the best networking experience ever! The intimacy of the smaller group vibe led to strong connections with other professionals. I signed two new clients at my first event and look forward to more. Best of all, it was so much fun... and profitable. I look forward to future events. I hope to see you there! 

Daniela Peragrina

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