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Iphone 4 Buy Unlocked |BEST|

Your iPhone might be locked to your carrier. Unlocking your iPhone means that you can use it with different carriers. To contact your carrier and unlock your iPhone, use these steps. You can find out if your iPhone is locked by going to Settings > General > About. If "No SIM restrictions" appears next to Carrier Lock, your iPhone is unlocked.

iphone 4 buy unlocked

The final step to unlocking the phone is to do a restore. That instruction should have been part of the email from AT&T. When completing the restore, you should get a message on iTunes stating, Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked.

I also don't have access to a non-AT&T sim card so I gave them a call to confirm if I was unlocked or not. Turns out that at some point someone at AT&T sent my name to Apple and when I did the update the phone was also unlocked. AT&T confirmed the unlock and basically said, congratulations and have a nice day. I really lucked out on getting an unlock done while on contract.

3. Do not restore from backup, instead do "Restore iphone" this will provide a warning that your iphone will be resetted to factary default, yes to that, it will go for a reboot and restore to default, as soon as that job finishes a message will appear "your iphone has been unlocked", do you want to restore it from known backups, select the backup date/time of your latest backup (step2), click on restore. That will restore all your previous settings back to iphone. No data will be lost and phone will be restored as it is before. thats it.

If you're looking for an iPhone as your next phone, you've come to the right place. Gazelle has iPhones at an affordable price that you can order online. We carry used, unlocked iPhones in different models and conditions to fit every preference.

An unlocked phone is any phone that does not have a specific carrier. Many unlocked phones are also universal, so you can use them with any carrier that supports that phone. Always check with your carrier beforehand and see if they accept your device!

Some cell phones have software on them that prevents them from recognizing a SIM card from another carrier. Unlocked phones do not have this software, so they can read SIM cards from any carrier. If you have a preferred carrier, you can use an unlocked phone with ease.

When you have an unlocked phone, you can also skip the monthly bill. Your phone is paid off, so all you have to pay for is a data plan. You gain a lot of flexibility in the available plans and choices.

The CDMA iPhone 4 has been unlocked in the USA, allowing you to use the iPhone as a pay-as-you-go phone on Cricket Wireless. Comments from the YouTube video (embedded below) suggest that Cricket stores are performing the service for $125 and that the iPhone 4 will then work on Cricket or MetroPCS networks as a pay-as-you-go phone.

The CDMA iPhone 4 now appears to be unlocked in the USA and China, meaning additional CDMA networks may soon support the hardware. This could theoretically include Sprint, China Mobile, and Japans DoCoMo.

The reason the price tag is so high is that what keeps the iPhone cost generally low is the fact that the carrier (either AT&T or Verizon) is footing a huge chunk of the cost in return for nailing down a customer for at least two years. With an unlocked phone, the user is picking up the full tab.

As we posted earlier, Apple is selling an unlocked version of the iPhone in the US starting at US$649. To help clarify questions about this development, we've put together this little FAQ. We'll explain what the unlocked iPhone means to you as a customer and how you'll be able to use it both at home and abroad.

What has changed is that Apple now offers a GSM iPhone to US buyers that is not locked to a specific carrier. Many overseas carriers have offered unlocked iPhones before now; in fact, we're told that in the UK it is the act of selling the phone with a SIM on the same order that tags the phone's unique identifier as 'locked,' but the phone itself is unlocked at the factory and then locked in the sales process. The availability of unlocked US iPhones is likely to accelerate the worldwide liquidity of the device, as Horace Dediu puts it, since an unlocked iPhone can be taken to any GSM system worldwide.

Is unlocking the same as jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is a process that opens the full underlying iOS operating system to end-user control ('breaking out' of the chroot jail, hence the term). It has been a pre-requisite for running third-party unlocking software until now. The new Apple unlocked iPhone does not require jailbreaking or third-party unlocks to be used with non-AT&T carriers.

What carriers can you use with the unlocked iPhone? For right now, AT&T is a given for full iPhone compatibility. You can sign up for an AT&T plan with no term commitment with an unlocked unit, meaning that frequent travelers now have at least one officially-sanctioned option for temporary service; simply cancel your plan at the end of the month, and re-up on your next trip. AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom tells TUAW:

Who is the primary customer for the unlocked iPhone? This phone is perfect for frequent travelers, who want to use their iPhones when visiting other countries. They'll be able to buy and use local SIMs with locally-priced calling and data plans. You may want to carry a cutter with you, however, or buy one locally/have it shipped to you if you don't think you'll get the stapler-sized device through airport security.

AT&T has not yet confirmed whether any current pay-as-you-go plan is approved for use with the unlocked iPhone, so right now the only official option for US call and data with AT&T is a standard voice + data plan (you must have both; data plans start at $15 for 250 MB and voice plans at $40 for 450 minutes of call time). Because AT&T is not subsidizing the unit, you have no term commitment and can cancel your plan at any time. See below for Pay as You Go plans.

Right now AT&T's data plans for PAYG are not confirmed as available for the iPhone. The 100 MB data pack costs $15 if you buy it atop a prepaid plan. You can swap a PAYG SIM into an unlocked iPhone 4 (or, for that matter, a locked one) but there may be some hoops to jump through to get data. All that to say, there's no official support for PAYG on the iPhone 4, but it mostly works.

Why is an unlocked iPhone almost $700? That's the "real" price of the Apple iPhone. Carriers subsidize that "price," offering you contracts in exchange for a much lower price tag. When you buy without a contract, you pay full freight.

Can I unlock my AT&T iPhone 4 when I am out of contract? AT&T's website says: "iPhone cannot be unlocked, even if you are out of contract." We have contacted AT&T for more details in case this information has changed.

The best unlocked iPhones offer whatever Apple experience fits your budget while freeing you from carrier payment plans. You can just snap up the iPhone that's caught your eye, whether it's one of Apple's ultra powerful flagships or an older model that's dropped in price.

This gives you more freedom around how much you'll pay for a phone, how long you sign up for wireless service, which carrier you end up choosing and more. Combine all these factors, and the best unlocked iPhones are the obvious route when you're in the market for a new handset, especially when you then pair one with one of the best cell phone plans.

Because Apple only releases a handful of phones each year, you don't have quite a much choice as you would see with the best unlocked Android phones. But there's still a good number of Apple devices to choose from if you don't want to commit to a carrier, especially now that Apple has an iPhone SE that brings 5G connectivity to the company's least expensive handset.

You won't get the advanced features of the iPhone 13 Pro series, like a fast-refreshing display, though Apple did increase the brightness of the mini's 5.4-inch panel. Just be aware that there's an additional $30 tacked on to the iPhone mini's relatively low $699 starting price for unlocked versions of this compact phone.

You don't get a 120Hz refresh rate or a telephoto camera, but that's par for the course with non-Pro iPhones. Fortunately you do instead get an excellent battery life, plenty of power from the A15 Bionic chipset, and great photos from the main, ultrawide and selfie cameras. The iPhone 14 Plus makes a great unlocked iPhone for those who don't want to splash out on the iPhone 14 Pro Max but find the 6.1-inch basic iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro too small for their liking.

With the iPhone 13 now available, the iPhone 12 sticks around, but at a lower price. Apple has dropped the phone down to $100, though you'll still pay an extra $30 for the unlocked iPhone 12. (Buy the iPhone 12 through a carrier, and you'll pay $699; it's $729 unlocked.)

The iPhone 12 mini is another unique handset, offering a small-bodied smartphone with market-leading specs. The iPhone 13 mini surpasses it, but you can now get the iPhone 12 mini for a lower price, making it an attractive option if you want the best unlocked iPhone.

You might be thinking to yourself, what we actually mean by "unlocked" iPhones. This simply means that your handset isn't connected to any carrier yet, giving you the option of picking the carrier you prefer.

Apple is as good a place as any to buy the best unlocked iPhones, as it has a trade-in program that lets you save on your phone purchase. Trade in an iPhone 8 or newer and you can save between $100 to $700 on any of the new iPhone 13 models. Newer phones are eligible for the bigger discounts.

In addition, an unlocked iPhone allows users to opt out of a multi-year contract; the trade-off, according to Computerworld, is that you won't always get a 3G connection. (Instead, you'll get the older EDGE connection.)

Apple, of course, has long sold unlocked phones in plenty of other markets, including Europe, but held off on an US edition. So what prompted the about face? Over at PC World, Sascha Segan evaluates some of the possibilities: The unlocked iPhone is a clear attempt to appeal to international travelers. Apple is trying to make the FCC happy. Or perhaps "Apple has nothing to lose." 041b061a72


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