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Download File Dystopian Library AI Song 1.mp3 !FULL!

On my Nexus 4, there's a folder called /sdcard/Music/ (or just /Music when browsing the phone's storage; Windows 7 calls it Computer\Nexus 4\Internal storage\Music) and I've put a lot of songs in there but the music player doesn't see any of my songs.Why can one app (the file manager, and e.g. Dropbox) see the files, but not another app (Play Music, Apollo, Jukefox)?

Download File Dystopian Library AI Song 1.mp3

Most music players on Android get their "media library" from the built-in media scanner service, this should pick up MP3 files stored in any user-accessible storage location on your phone and add them to the scanner's library. Sometimes the media scanner doesn't "notice" new files you've just added and needs to be told to do a rescan, there are apps on the store that can do this, such as Rescan SD, you can find a selection of them with a search of the Play Store if you run one of those and wait a couple of minutes all of your media should be picked up.

Neither the pre-installed android music app nor Apollo music player could see the files I side-loaded until I flattened the directory hierarchy to one-level. For example, Music/Band/song.ogg works, Music/Band/Album/song.ogg does not. If only music players could see through those shallow id3 tags and get back to basics!

I had the same problem with the Samsung Galaxy s5 running cyanogenmod. Here is what i did. I put the music into my internal storage and it was working fine. Then i copyed the files over to sd\media\Music, if you dont have these folders, create them. Then test and see if the file shows up by deleting one of the songs in the internal storage. if it doesnt pop up, then unmount and remount the sd card.

.nomedia - I had 2 of them files on phone and one on sd - deleted all three and Hay Presto Music player now sees all songs on SD card and phone - all good thanks - using Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 lite - had tried reformatting SD - reboots of phone - different media players - but by deleting all .nomedia files was the only solution that worked - worked a treat - didn't even have to reboot phone - just a quick rescan from media player 041b061a72


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