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David Torres
David Torres

Volvo FH16 Curtains

Blue curtains set, scale 1/14, suitable for the Carson models Art.No. 907005 curtain side trailer I, Art.No. 907080 curtain side trailer II and item no. 907235 Fliegl Megarunner, the curtains are not printed, content: 1 curtains left, 1 curtains right

Volvo FH16 Curtains


Our custom Showtime Curtain gets fastened with the existing shelf bolts and curves towards the front windshield to maximize space and privacy. There are sewn in magnets two close the curtains and velcro straps to secure them while driving. Never again will you have to store your window covers with the showtime curtains installed.

Outside, the upper part of the cabin is covered with black leather-like vinyl. The bottom is decorated with a print depicting a tangle of cables. Inside, door panels, seats and curtains bear the In Flames logo and various heavy metal symbols. 041b061a72


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