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Edgar Mironov

Mario Gallery Super Mario Wiki !NEW!

So, I then proceeded to move the ROM and the IPS patcher to the folder with the hack. I patched the ROM, not knowing what to expect next, and I quickly hurried to drag it to ZSNES and play what I thought was to be terrible in the form of a ROM image. I noticed on boot up that the author had taken the time to change the header of his hack. Instead of the usual "super marioworld" you normally see when booting up a rom in ZSNES, it just had the letters "MARIO" there again. At this point I gained a little hope, because normally people who do horrible half-assed edits to the ROM generally don't know enough to change a header title. I thought I wasn't wasting my time with this, and my mood brightened slightly at the thought of seeing what the author had to offer in his interesting little hack.

Mario Gallery Super Mario Wiki

Hey all, Snowyy here! As you all may or may not have seen duringthe Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2022 video, wewere shown the Scott The Woz Collectible Trading Cards thatfeatured QR codes to unlisted Scott's Stash videos. To respectScott, the Pixel Empire, and the artist who worked on the cards wewill NOT be allowing users to upload or link the unlistedvideos to the wiki (With the exception of (Card Demo) Thanks forTrying to Cheat (Plus Bike-O-Vision) due to it being a demo)BUT you are allowed to make articles of the videosyou have and post the thumbnail and add any other information aslong as the link to the video itself isn't in the article (You areallowed to upload screenshots to add in the article's gallerytoo).

That said, as far as theoretically-replaceable fair use images of living people, especially celebrities, goes, I think the cure would be worse than the disease. There are enough stalkers and paparazzi in the world already ... now let's go ahead and create more bad PR for Wikipedia by giving them yet another excuse for their actions: "Oh, I'm just trying to take a good picture of Ms. Spears for Wikipedia". I can see it now ... the supermarket tabloids are going to call them wikirazzi.

So I just recently edited the background images for the wikia, Ihope you like some of them. One of these images will appear as theWikia's new background after a sum of voting for the make over. Iam also currently working on other projects such as admin pages,the gallery divider and I am already done with Happy BirthdayTemplate. I'll see you guys soon, please vote to tell me what youthink


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