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Buy Mens Belt Online !LINK!

Isn't it frustrating when coming across a nice leather belt that you like but they don't have your size? Well it will never happen at Belt N Bags! We have all big mens belts sizes and proudly the largest manufacturer/retailer of plus size belts Australia. Enjoy all your favorite best-selling dress belts for men in all bodies and sizes.

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With a carefully selected range of men's leather belts, bags, and accessories (braces, wallets, etc.) by our Belt N Bags stylist team, you cannot miss these gentlemen's staples. Whether for work, weddings, black tie events, or simply need to dress up for a whisky night - Belt N Bags got you covered!

When a belt is buckled, there must be an allowance for an overlap. This allows the end of the belt to pass through the buckle and be tucked into a belt loop if desired. Some men prefer a longer tail, and others prefer something on the shorter side. If you're buying for someone else, ask the person before you pick out a size. Better to measure twice and buy once.

However, the same width belt worn with a suit can look chunky and may awkwardly disturb the clean line of a suit. Instead, consider a belt in what's called a "dress width." Generally speaking, that's a width of 1-3/16" inches or less. This may seem like an inconsequential difference on paper, but it presents a strong contrast visually. Because of that thinner width, a dress belt blends into the waistline of pants, therefore offering a more formal look.

Buying a leather belt can be tricky. You want to get something that is durable, comfortable, and fashionable at an affordable price. But you also need to consider the type of material it's made from because not all belts are created equal. This article will give you some tips on what to avoid when shopping for a new leather belt.

Genuine leather is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality. A genuine leather belt might make a good first impression, but won't last long and is not worth the money. They are basically made with scrap pieces of leather that have been recycled and glued together into a cheap piece of junk. The glue used is not strong enough to keep the material from tearing apart when you wear it.

Genuine leather is technically real leather, but just barely. It is the lowest quality leather product made using leather scraps and glue. The word "genuine" is meant to mislead a customer into believing the belt is made with good quality material, but it's not. Genuine leather is not as durable and long-lasting as other types of leather, like top grain or full grain. When you see "100% Genuine Leather" or "pure leather belt" on a product, know is a gimmicky stamp of approval. Don't fall for it - you'll be sorry you wasted your money. Just put the belt back on the rack and walk away.

Bonded leather isn't even real leather. It is a man-made material made of genuine leather scraps glued together into sheets. The bond isn't designed to hold long, so expect a bonded leather belt to start to split or crack within a few months.

Bonded leather belts are typically priced very low and you'll sometimes see them advertised as genuine leather products. These belts can only trick your eyes and can't hide their crappy origins. Don't be fooled and don't waste your hard-earned money on bad belts.

The best belts for men are made using full grain leather because it is by far the best quality leather. Belts made with full grain leather are usually made with one thick, solid piece of leather.

So, how long does a leather belt last? Full grain leather belts are heavy duty products made to last many years of use. If you've ever heard of "quarter-century belts" or belts passed down from generation to generation, they are made with full grain leather.

A good second option is a belt made using top grain leather. These belts can also be worn for many years, but won't develop quite the same patina that is characteristic of full-grain leather products. The use of corrective grains will hide natural imperfections in the cowhide if you are after a less rugged style.

Both full grain leather belts and top grain leather belts can be used for casual wear with jeans, or as work belts for the office with dress pants. If you're after a belt with a vintage feel, look for thick distressed leather belts. If you're a one belt forever kind of person, you won't go wrong with a black belt.

The best leather belts are made by leather artisans and craftspeople, like Obscure Belts. Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling you will get from supporting a local small business, when you buy from a belt maker nearby you are getting a much higher quality product than any big box store will offer. If you're shopping for gifts, these kinds of items are the best presents to give.

As a small batch belt maker, we know that a craftsperson lives and dies by the quality of what they make. We have over 15 years of experience making our cool belts and belt buckles and work directly with a specialty tannery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to develop our distressed and full grain leather hides. When you buy a belt from us, you can be certain it will be the right size, fit your style, and look great around your waist for many years.

Hi Mark, Cristina here with Obscure Belts. The rule is to buy one size up from your waist size, so a size 34 belt would be the best fit for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any more sizing questions!

There is no one-size-fits-all belt sizing formula. Belts fit differently depending on user sizes and gear combinations. For instance, gun belts measure different standards than a regular size guide due to the flexibility of various holsters.

How do I balance shape and comfort? Ensure the belt fits snugly to keep your pants well in place. Measure the ideal length at home to avoid ordering dress belts that don't suit your waist size.

Ordering belts online for men can be easy if you take advantage of belts that you currently own. Estimate the ideal measurement by taking a non-stretch belt from your closet and placing it around your waist. Ensure that you thread it into all the belt loops on your pants to measure the right length.

Once you fit the belt into the best hole, take it off and lay it straight on a table. Use a tape measure to find its length (from your preferred hole to the buckle end). It is the best way to approximate a perfect fit for you.

Founder and Creative Director Ada Deferrari has designed belts for over 16 years. To Ada, fashion equates with self-expression and fun, so absorbing the latest trends and adding her own twist was natural.

Since the first collection hit California boutiques in the fall of 2004, ADA belts are now found in over 2000 retail stores across the world, garnering attention from celebrities like Heidi Klum in her daily wardrobe and Giuliana Rancic

"The leather is beautiful, it smells sooo gooood, and the belts look awesome as I style them. No problem tying them, styling them, they do not twist or turn or slide ... Very Happy With the Purchase and I recommend this nimble stylish addition to every woman's wardrobe. All my boring tops, simple dresses or even jeans with shirts look elegant, stylish, and I receive a lot of compliments. Yay! :-)"

"Love the Wrap Belt, it totally elevates an outfit instantly. Unlike my other belts that slip out from being tied, this leather belt actually stays put. Also like that you can tie it several different ways making it more versatile."

Pretty much every part a man's outfit gets significantly more attention than the lowly belt. It's treated more like a utility than a fashion piece, and as such, ends up being a product that's picked up as an after thought, rather than one that's sought out.

Dress belts are more formal and are typically worn with suits and dressier types of attire. Casual belts are wider and less formal, and can be worn with jeans, shorts, and a multitude of other types of clothes.

The biggest rule of thumb that you need to keep in mind when choosing a dress belt is that it should as closely match the shoes that you plan to wear as possible. In a perfect world, the belt would be made of the same material that the shoes are, but that's pretty rare, so instead focus on getting the colors close or the same.

In addition, a dress belt should be between 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" in width and about an 1/8" in thickness. If the belt is any wider than that, then it's a casual belt and not dressy enough for your purposes.

The material of the belt should be "full grain leather". If it says "top grain leather", "genuine leather" or just plain old "leather", then it's time to move on to the next belt. Those terms may sound like the belt is made of the best material, but they're unfortunately code for sub-standard grades of leather. Go with "full grain" and you can't go wrong.

Suede is another material that every once in a while crosses over from a casual belt to a dress belt. It's not going to be the most formal of dress belts, but if the situation is on the more casual side of the dressy spectrum, then it could be worth looking at. The same suede belt could also be used for casual dress too, so fairly versatile.

Many dress belts are feathered, or raised up in the middle with stitching, but some may be flat without stitching. There also shouldn't be any excessive decoration or patterning on the belt. The simpler, the better.

A note on reversible belts: While it may seem like you're killing two birds with one stone by buying a reversible belt, they tend to fall apart very fast (you don't see many high quality reversible belts made by reputable belt makers), and often times the other side of the belt is visible during normal wear, so you'll end up with flashes of brown against your black pants.

Casual belts have a lot less rules and more flexibility depending on the situation, so you can get away with the same belt for a lot of different scenarios, or have many different belts that you use with the same outfit. 041b061a72


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