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Khoobsurat in Hindi 720p Torrent: Download and Watch This Bollywood Hit

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Khoobsurat In Hindi 720p Torrent


Most Hindi films are made for the Hindi-speaking audience of the Indian subcontinent, and every region has its own local movies. Three of the more popular Indian regional languages are Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi.

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The protagonists of the Bollywood film Khoobsurat are all stereotypes of Indian families. The main character is the father of a family of 6 children. The movie follows him, as he juggles his work and the various problems that come along with it.

Khoobsurat 2018 starrer first look poster gallery. Santosh Srinivas starrer KHOBSURAT is a upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy movie written and directed by Santosh Srinivas. The movie is an official remake of the Malayalam KHOBOBSURAT, which was released in 2016. The film is scheduled to release on 10th March 2018.


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