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Edgar Mironov
Edgar Mironov

Cobalt Strike Full 2021 Version 46

While most existing Cobalt Strike dumpers focus on the beacon settings, some settings from the Malleable C2 profiles will not end up in the embedded beacon config of the payload. For example, some Portable Executable (PE) settings in the Malleable C2 profile are applied directly to the beacon payload. Our Python library dissect.cobaltstrike supports extracting this information, and our dataset includes the following extracted PE header metadata:

cobalt strike full version 46

We are also proud to open-source our Python library for dissecting Cobalt Strike, aptly named dissect.cobaltstrike. The library is available on PyPI and requires Python 3.6 or higher. You can use pip to install it:

Before getting into the details of the release, I just wanted to impress upon you how seriously we take product security. We dedicated a significant portion of this release to improving controls around product licensing. We are fully committed to improving the security of the product and will continue to make product security enhancements a priority in future releases.

CrowdStrike also recommends upgrading to the most recent version of PowerShell and disabling previous versions, as PowerShell is backward compatible. While these additional security measures do not provide full visibility into Cobalt Strike activity, they can aid in its detection.


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