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Buy Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Our modern kitchen cabinets are ready to assemble and install anywhere and have the designer appeal necessary for any modern kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinetry is also easy to clean because of its flat surfaces, matches a variety of backsplash options, and comes with quality hardware. From base cabinets faced with mahogany or walnut to vertical cabinets accented with deliciously playful exotics like Wenge or Zebrano woods, the cabinetry options for your kitchen are virtually endless. Work with your existing kitchen colors, or use these designer kitchen cabinets to start in a new direction for your modern home.

buy modern kitchen cabinets


Our modern kitchen cabinets cabinets are eye-pleasing and functional for every kitchen. Our commitment to quality and value backed by a keen eye for style and good design has helped us design affordable yet amazing modern cabinets that add unbeaten value to homes.

We know how expensive kitchen remodeling can be. It is natural for homeowners to be apprehensive about remodeling, so our goal is to make choosing and installing cabinets easy and stress free. Our kitchen cabinetry strikes the right balance between price and quality for your home. We do our best to help you save on your cabinets while still getting the kitchen cabinet styles you wanted.

As a standard feature, all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are equipped with Blum SoftClose door hinges and drawer systems. All drawer cabinets will also feature dovetail wood drawer boxes available in Birchwood, Aspen wood, Cherry, Maple and Walnut, adding an extra level of craftsmanship that brings long-term value to the cabinets.

Our customization team will be glad to listen. We will work with you to find the right designer options for frameless RTA kitchen cabinets. We provide several kitchen cabinet ideas that could work in your home for your consideration. When nothing we offer matches what you desire, we can custom-craft modern kitchen cabinets to meet your needs. We can help create modern kitchen cabinets that will prove their value with your continued use, and their unique ability to fit perfectly with any contemporary interior design direction.

We tapped 10 designers to spill their cost-effective kitchen cabinet secrets, like the best materials to use and how to get a professional paint finish every time. Having a kitchen full of gorgeous, custom-ish, inexpensive kitchen cabinets has never felt so obtainable.

Matthew Hamel is the Director of Marketing for Modern Kitchen Pros, LLC and started out as a kitchen designer for a small So Cal Kitchen Remodeling Company back in 2012. Since then he has designed and remodeled well over 300 kitchens and is now one of the lead designers for Modern Kitchen Pros. Matt loves working with clients 1 on 1 and has developed the ability to help homeowners come up with creative ways for maximizing both budget and space...

To help you do some calculations, an average mid-sized kitchen is usually between 100 to 200 square feet. In general, new cabinets can run the gamut between $2,000 and $20,000 for an average 10 x 10-foot kitchen, according to Home Advisor.

Small business, artisan, and handmade-focused marketplaces like Etsy are another unexpected place to find kitchen cabinets, occasionally even custom-made versions that are much lower than usual. Even kitchen islands and hutches can be found here for reasonable prices.

White, crisp and smooth, this design is fashion-forward but also quite feminine as well. And we love a womanly touch around the house, especially in the kitchen where the counter stools are perfectly integrated!found on ashleycampbell.

You can get that quiet, zen feel while still staying very fresh and contemporary in your vision. Use an unfinished wood look for your cabinets but a very sharp, smooth texture to stay within both of those visions.

The ultimate, futuristic look, comes with this kitchen cabinet style. Glossy, neutral, and the sharpest of lines, the elimination of hardware and a plethora of size choices, organization, and styling comes easy with this choice. found on tlastudio.

The entire kitchen is filled with amazing cabinets and shelving choices. But what makes this choice the most contemporary is the combination of frosted glass kitchen cabinets, shelves and sleek, smooth cabinets.

This gray and white kitchen from Idea Space is a great inspiration for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen. The two-toned cabinets add more texture and color to the space, as well as offering plenty of storage space for everything you want to be hidden from view. These cabinets work well with all of the other elements in the space and look best with white walls behind them.

Toe kick is the most commonly forgotten item (all of your cabinets will need finished toe kick installed), an extra filler and stick of crown is almost always needed, scribe molding is used where the cabinets meet the walls, and a touch up kit is necessary for a fantastic finish!

Our RTA modern kitchen cabinet options are from a line called Golden Homes. Like all of our cabinets, they are made with plywood boxes but uses European metal drawer boxes, and have melamine interior and shelves.

Our modern kitchen cabinets are lacquer-finished. A composite artificial material called laminate is frequently utilized in modular kitchen cabinets. Fundamentally, this material is created by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, with the top layer bearing a decorative pattern or color. To put it another way, the laminates used in kitchen cabinets are pressed in factories utilizing automated technology and tremendous pressure.

Preassembled modern kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are supplied from the factory already built and ready for installation in the home. By buying pre-assembled cabinets, the homeowner does not have to construct them because everything is already installed, including all the drawers and hardware.

Shipping time is dependent on stock. The best way to get a more accurate timeline on your modern kitchen cabinets is to do a stock check with the manufacturer. We usually advise this so that our customers know what to expect and if it is feasible for them.

We are confident in the superior service we provide. We can reassure you that we have partnered with some of the best cabinet makers. A specialized account manager who is ready and eager to turn your vision into reality will help you get high-quality blue kitchen cabinets for a lot less money than you would pay at your local box store. You will also receive speedier delivery with deliveries made right to your home.

All of the cabinets we provide to our customers operate far more effectively than the more expensive options. Nevertheless, since each of their brand-new, fully constructed cabinets is examined by untrained eyes, the bulk of the quality issues we encounter are the consequence of unfair inspection. This might be how the beast is wired. This in-depth piece was written by Sean, the CEO of Walcraft, to assist us all understand what will happen next and to better prepare our consumers.

No need to wander around in a cabinetry jungle hoping to find your way. We'll provide you a quote that is better than our advertised pricing for the cabinets that best suit your needs! Sign up to get started.

Wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Miami represent a fantastic way to save money on a kitchen or bath remodel. They provide substantial value, in addition to a quick turnaround time and excellent features that can compete with a set of semi-custom cabinets. These products often cost twice as much.

As more and more time went on, these individuals began to see how the furniture industry was transforming. These individuals realized how wrong they were, it was only a matter of time before the market became overrun with Chinese cabinets.

While more expensive cabinets may seem more solid, boasting elegant finishes, the material can fade and wear. This leaves you with a choice to repaint, or yet again replace. Many products feature shining and luxurious finishes that make the heart of any home stand out.

Begin with the basics, considering the different cabinet types you can choose from. You may formulate your decision on the amount of space in your kitchen, or where you will place the cabinets. Stone International offers design software that actually lets you visualize the new fixtures within your home.

The modern remodeling market offers several different styles you can choose from. Regardless if you want a modern, transitional design, or traditional cabinet, designers impart something to offer everyone.

A kitchen remodel represents what is often the biggest financial decision many individuals will ever make. For this reason, proper planning ensures this process remains successful. You should maintain awareness of any factors associated with your new cabinet fixtures. This requires extensive research, especially when you purchase wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Miami online.

Carefully measure your cabinet walls and draw the space with each new fixture in place. At Stone International, our design and installation team does this work for you, utilizing our state-of-the-art design modeling software. This way, you can see what the cabinets look like in your home prior to actually making a purchase.

Stone International serves as a vital resource for high-quality cabinets comprised of all-wood materials. Our company operates numerous factories both international, as well as domestic. We strive to provide our customers and community with an easy and enjoyable cabinet selection process.

Our services offer the South Florida area a preeminent quality product selection for a wholesale price. Stone International wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Miami reflect the best possible quality in a wholesale cabinet you can find anywhere.

We began as a family-owned company, and remain family-operated to this day. Our specialty is kitchen and bath cabinetry. However, we now expand our services to the closet industry as well. We want to help you make your home look brand new through a modern kitchen renovation. 041b061a72


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