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“I am celebrating a huge breakthrough in CLIENTS AND CASH, thanks to the private work I am doing with Dawnmarie Presley and her Mindset Mastery Course. She is nothing short of f-ing amazing! It’s awesome how quickly my life is changing for the better. You simply have to work with her... NOW! 


Through your Mindset Mastery Course, I was able to let go of things I had been burdened with since before I was 3 years old, and I didn't even know they were there. You have given me tools to help uncover and resolve issues that have stopped me from love, happiness, and success. I now believe in and take action in the opportunities being offered to me.


Dawnmarie, I can't thank you enough for the freedom and the strength I've created through working with you!

—  Anne Lloyd


Fran Haynes.jpg

Thank you, Dawnmarie for gently pushing me in this process. I was so frustrated with my situation and have now been able to let go of so much of the baggage that was holding me back. My business is thriving and my personal life has opened up to more joy, love, and success. It wouldn’t have happened without your help and continued guidance.


If you want to change your life for the better, I say Dawnmarie is the way to go.”

—  Fran Haynes

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


Thank you Dawnmarie for an extraordinary experience of love and light. Dawnmarie's workshops and classes helped me identify my desires, clear what was in the way, and reach my goals. They will bless you big time. Do it, just say "YES"!

Mandy M.


I have currently taken two rounds of these amazing classes. They have absolutely changed my life and continue to lift me higher. I was feeling stuck. I’d make a plan, and set intentions, but something always got in the way.


Dawnmarie’s classes and private coaching have really helped me dissolve the issues and start moving.

Thank you, Dawnmarie, for helping me achieve my dreams!

—  Heather Mahoney

Touch Therapy Mobile Massage

Jerome Ware_edited.jpg

When I started working with Dawnmarie, I was somewhat skeptical.  Other self-help programs hadn’t produced any breakthroughs. I was also not sure she would be a good fit for me. Was I ever wrong!  In just one session Dawnmarie was able to help me identify a lot of my behavior and core issues, I was convinced I needed to work with her. 


Since that decision, she has helped me to start working full time… for myself! My confidence has never been higher and I have a much better relationship with my family. I have regained the curiosity, creativity, and happiness that I did as a child. As a result, I’ve created more opportunities and products with my business, and feel like I’m just getting started! 

—  Jerome Ware

CEO and Owner of Inspirational Wares


I started sessions with Dawnmarie over five years ago. I had low self-esteem, was in an abusive relationship, completely lost, and 1 month pregnant. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. 


Over the last five years, I've learned to forgive and love myself.  

I went from making 30k a year, at a 9-5 job, working for someone else to being in a healthy relationship, and making well over 100K, working for myself.  It's also made me a wonderfully engaged and conscious mom.


Because of the work I do with Dawnmarie, I am now in the driver's seat consciously creating a life that I love. 

My advice... Don't hesitate to call her. She's the best thing that ever happened to me. Jump in. Be vulnerable. You're worth it too!


Thank you Dawnmarie!

—  Nicole Moser

CEO and Owner of Forged

I planned to work on one issue and I was quickly surprised at how many came to the surface, as well as how deeply they were addressed."

—  Ryan S.


My experience with Dawnmarie Presley’s Mindset Mastery Coaching programs has been so amazing. I'm different; happy, calm, and rising to levels in my career I never thought I would get to. Everything is changing for the better! And I just keep climbing higher! 

Give her a try, she’s so worth it!

—  Deb Ansuini

CEO and Owner Body Phylosophy

I have been on the road to bettering myself and enlightenment of over a decade now. Even with my deepest self discoveries that I may have uncovered, I still was unable to crack those nasty old habits. Working with Dawnmarie is absolutely AMAZING!! She has helped me make leaps and bounds in my life that no one else has ever even come close to. She has a talent that goes far beyond her schooling. Her ability to understand human spirit and TRUE motivation is like no other. I recommend her every chance that I get!"

—  Crystal Hall

Fashion Designer

Dawnmarie Presley has changed my life for the better by guiding me to find my truth, peace, and inner strength."

—  Helene Dutra

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Dawnmarie is amazing at what she does. I have been going to Dawn for almost 4 years and between her workshops and hypnotherapy you wouldn't recognize me now from the girl I used to be.”

—  Ashley H.


What I enjoyed about working with Dawnmarie Presley is the length of time it takes to overcome things which may have been a concern for many years. It has taken literally moments and/or a few sessions to have a difficulty almost completely alleviated with no real participation from me.  It is remarkable and a most precious commodity.

Furthermore, she is a delight to associate with as well, a very non-judgmental, unconditionally loving individual. I highly recommend her services for any number of challenges you may be faced with."

—  Kathleen Wyett

Mother, Grandmother and Great grandmother

Dawn Marie is an amazing person. She will help those in need and does it in a professional manner. She is a great person and is good at what she does. I know there are more people out there that might be looking to over come an obstacle such as quitting a habit, gaining more confidence, or overcoming anxiety. Dawnmarie can help."

—  Karen M.


Dawnmarie always made me feel very comfortable. She is very gifted at what she does and gets results. I enjoy and look forward to each session.”

—  Michelle K.


She is absolutely amazing!! Worked wonders with myself my wife and my 14 and 15 year old sons!!! AAA+++ my sons love working with Dawnmarie !!”

—  Wayne Dye

I attended a Dream Conversion workshop with Dawnmarie in January, 2013; I walked away with a spindly plant and grand intentions. Since then, I've had an art show in West Hollywood; I wrote a children's book; wrote and published a guide book on card readings; I've been accepted to another art show in October...and the plant is thriving! Was it all because of Dawnmarie? No. Could I have done it with out her? Probably. Has it been easier, more fulfilling and joyous since the workshop? Oh, HECK YES!

I've recommend Dawnmarie to my family and friends and I'll continue to do so!"

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